The Allgraf website is very much a continued work in progress which will continue to evolve throughout the years to come. It covers my professional and personal experience concerning Digital Art, Game Development and Outsourcing to various companies throughout the world.

For the past few years I have been using Allgraf on and off to do any outsourcing contract work in between full time employment.

Have a look at my Demoreel and contact me if you are interested in using my skills on any of your current or future projects, I am always open to new opportunities.
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A little about myself,

I started my Professional Graphics work in 2000, having taught myself since 1997. I was approached to create a full length CG game intro as my first project and my efforts were rewarded with the best intro of 2001 award at the 3D Festival in Copenhagen.

I Co-founding Streamline Studios in 2001 based out of the Netherlands and gained a lot of experience during my time there with a few high profile contracts. Further along in 2005 I opened Allgraf Studios based out of South Africa as well as delving into the retail realm by opening DigiThirst, a gaming cafe catering to the local gaming community to experience gaming the way it should be on PC and Consoles.

In 2008 I returned to Europe working for Playlogic in The Netherlands as Lead Artist responsible for Graphical outsourcing and Directing the In-Game cinematics, both fields I am very comfortable in. the company has since closed and I have continued with outsourcing until my next long term contract.

Very much an entrepreneur, it shows in my work, and I put a lot of thought and planning into projects knowing how and when all the pieces fit together, and leading a team in its execution. I am comfortable Producing/Directing multiple projects and adapt quickly to any challenges that arise.