In 2000 I was approached to develop an Intro Cinematic for the game Gunman Chronicles which was being produced by Rewolf Software, and published by Sierra, through Valve Software.

The project started off in June of 2000, I handled everything from the rough storyboarding process up to the final completion of FMV (Full motion Video). The project lasted just over 3 months and consisted of using in-game character models for the main characters in the FMV, and then using some textures from the game to produce the environments, buildings and other locations from the ground up.
Everything was setup in 3DS Max 3.1 and composited together in Digital Fusion. Rendering was done using my workstation and 2 other dedicated PCs. The sound FX and music for the FMV was handled by another subcontractor of Rewolf Software, and voice acting was acquired by Valve Software.

It was a tough project with many hurdles and long hours, that was accomplished only through dedication and hard work, which I put into all of my contracting efforts. It was later in the year of 2001 that I entered the Intro into the 3D Festival in Denmark, which has become one of the biggest 3D events in Europe for this industry, and the FMV took the award for Best Game Intro of the year. I feel a great accomplishment form my work on the Gunman Chronicles and I look forward to more challenging projects like it.


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Gunman Chronicles
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All the scenes with clouds, gas spirals, explosions, dust and so on were done with Afterburn and all the animations were either motion capture library source or keyframe animations that I animated or blended together to achieve what was needed for the FMV.

The project was quite a challenge because I was the only person assigned to it at the time and it was my very first actual 3D project, other than anything I had done for my own personal improvement in 3D. The work days were on average 14-16 hours with some going on for a full 24 hours. In the 3 months I had to complete a shot every second day, with the full storyboards consisting of about 50 shots, of which about 45 made it into the final FMV.
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